Allied Insurance review 2021: Car, home and life

The Allied insurance company, a part of the Nationwide insurance family of companies, provides life, auto and home insurance. The company has a network of local insurance agents across the country. This makes it easy to get in touch with a local agent when you have questions about your policies or claims.

Allied auto insurance

When you contact an agent to get an Allied auto insurance quote, the agent will usually work with you to customize a car insurance policy. Your options will range from a basic policy that meets liability requirements to complete car coverage. Take a look at some of the policy options available from Allied car insurance.


  • Liability insurance
  • Medical payments
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage
  • Personal injury protection
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Basic loss of use, or rental reimbursement coverage
  • Allied Rewards program to add benefits such as accident forgiveness or roadside assistance


  • Multi-policy
  • Multi-vehicle
  • New vehicle
  • Accident-free
  • Good student
  • Easy pay discount when you sign up for automatic payments
  • Prior carrier discount when you switch from a different insurance provider

Allied home insurance

When getting an Allied insurance quote for home insurance, it’s important to understand what a standard home policy covers. A basic Allied home policy should cover loss or damages to your home or belongings due to fire, hail or theft.


  • Dwelling replacement cost
  • Equipment breakdown to cover repairing or replacing covered appliances
  • Mortgage protection to help you avoid higher interest rates if your home is lost due to damage


  • Multi-policy
  • Gated community
  • Home renovation discount for updated plumbing, electrical and other systems
  • Home purchase discount for recently purchased homes
  • Protective device discount if your home has features like smoke detectors or a security system
  • Claims-free

Allied life insurance

The Allied insurance company also offers life insurance policies that help you plan for your family’s future after you’re gone. The insurer provides a wide variety of life insurance policies that go beyond a death benefit payout.

Types of policies offered

  • Term: Life insurance protection for a set period of time between 10 and 30 years.
  • Whole: Permanent life insurance coverage for a lifetime. Besides the payout for your beneficiaries, you’ll have a cash value account you can access.
  • Universal: Permanent life insurance providing a death benefit and cash value account with no expiration date and flexible payment options.
  • Variable: Permanent life insurance with a cash value account that can be invested for higher growth.

Allied ratings, reviews, customer satisfaction and complaints

Allied insurance customer service scores well with the BBB. The company holds an A+ BBB rating and has been accredited by the BBB since 1997. However, over 250 customers have formally complained through the BBB in the past three years.

Allied customers generally have positive reviews for the company, according to customer reviews on Consumer Affairs. Many customers mention the prompt responses they get from agents and adjusters when working with Allied insurance claims.

Reasons why Allied is a great option

Getting a car insurance, life insurance or a home policy from Allied can be a great experience if you enjoy working directly with an agent. Much of the Allied insurance quote process is only available by speaking with an agent. As a member of the Nationwide family of companies, Allied is backed by a top-rated insurance provider.

Allied life insurance products are a great financial planning tool — the insurance payout can be used to pay off any debts you leave, pay for college or ensure your spouse is financially provided for.

Allied insurance company rates tend to be lower cost than other insurance providers for similar coverage options. This makes Allied a great choice for someone looking for less expensive insurance costs, such as the owner of a less valuable vehicle or first-time homeowners.

Additional policies offered by Allied

In addition to car and home insurance, Allied gives customers access to other insurance policies. Additional policies include:

  • Business insurance
  • Farm/ranch insurance
  • Powersports and recreation insurance
  • Life insurance

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get an Allied Insurance quote?

You’ll need to contact a local Allied agent to get a quote. You should have your contact information, details about your home or vehicle and any information regarding additional drivers.

How do I file an Allied Insurance claim?

After signing up for online account access, you can file your claim online or call your local Allied agent to file the claim.

How fast can I have my vehicle inspected for a claim?

You can either set up an appointment to have your car inspected. Allied also has drive-in claims centers. These centers allow you to have your car inspected in about 45 minutes.

Does home insurance cover a stolen item?

Theft of belongings up to a certain value are typically covered under a standard home insurance policy.

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