The Many Health Benefits Associated With Water

Have you taken advantage on the health benefits of water? Are you aware of the uncountable benefits associated with consuming at least eight glasses of pure H2O a day? In today’s times where pollution levels in every available source of H2O have gone up causing 80 percent of the existing diseases on earth, usage of the terms ‘pure’, ‘safe’ with the term ‘water’ is a must. It is by using an advanced water purification system that you can assure yourself of drinking safe and pure H2O. The purification mechanism of the water purifier installed in your kitchen should be in sync with the type of H2O flowing from the tap. For example, if it has high levels of TDS (total dissolved solids), you should use a RO system, if more of micro organisms then a UV system, and the list goes on. Send a sample of your tap H2O to the nearest lab. The report will carry a list of all contaminants present in quantities not to mention recommendation of the usage of the right water purification system. Do not only consider the UV or UF or RO system price. What you should consider is the recommendation as per tap water test report, brand, technology incorporated, quality, innovation, features, and purification effectiveness. Buying an advanced water purification system is not an investment for few months but an investment for years.

If you compare storage purifier with RO system price, you will find a vast difference. The purification in the latter system is more sophisticated compared to the former; hence the difference. If you compare UV and blends with RO system price, you may not find much of a difference. But yes, you may find the RO system price going up in case the purification and storage capacity is high.

Coming back to benefits about H2O, it can be said that it is completely crucial to the human body’s survival. You cannot live more than a week without H2O. If you do so, you will need proper treatment for days together to be with a strong immune system. So, drink pure H2O purified involving use of a sophisticated water purifier. Right from maintaining of healthy body weight, combating daytime fatigue, increasing metabolism, preventing and alleviating headaches to moisturizing of skin, flushing out wastes, aiding in digestion process, transportation for all nutrients in the body, you enjoy endless benefits consuming the recommended H2O everyday.

One water purifier exhibiting ground breaking technology worth mentioning here is The Aquaguard Total Sensa. It is the only purifier of its kind in the world. It can purify any type of water no matter where you reside. This is facilitated by the purification technologies it comes equipped with – E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies. So, how does it sense the quality of water? It is the patented BluG technology that makes it happen. This technology senses the quality of water and auto selects the best purification mechanism. In areas where TDS levels are high, the SMP+ feature ensures that it is reduced to acceptable standards. Using this water purification system you enjoy consuming water that comes with the triple benefit of sweetness, minerals and purity. What flows from the faucet is water that is perfectly balanced with the right amount of salts and minerals.

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