Capitalizing On The Health Benefits Of Water

How do you capitalize on the health benefits of water? It is drinking H2O that is purified involving use of advanced water purifiers. Source of H2O today cannot be deemed clean, pure, and safe no matter how crystal clear it looks like. Irrespective of whether it is treated in the municipal treatment plant or drawn from a bore well or just any other source, purification is a must. Even use of conventional water purifiers won’t serve the purification purpose. The leading cause of epidemic disease in developing countries like India is contaminated H2O. If you have a look at unpurified H2O with a microscope, you will be surprised to find the uncountable contaminants present! Yes, unpurified water may contain over 2100 known contaminants not to mention several known poisons. Even if you think bottled H2O is a feasible alternative to tap H2O, you are wrong, especially because it is expensive in the long run. Moreover, you never know if all international quality standards are adhered to during the processing and bottling process or not. The ultimate solution is using water purifiers. If you have not yet installed an advanced water purifier system at your kitchen, it is high time that you get one installed. After all leading a disease-free life matters!

Many are driven by the notion that municipal treatment facilities are enough to deem the H2O safe. But it is not so. Such a treatment procedure cannot always control for the outbreak of dangerous bacterial contaminants. Even if you use conventional water purifiers, the purification purpose won’t be served. Get an advanced water purifier system of a reputed brand so that you buy the best.

Use of reverse osmosis water systems is greatly popular today in India. This is because of the presence of high TDS (total dissolved solids) in H2O. Only reverse osmosis water systems are considered to be effective in such cases. It is no surprise if you come across people who say that consumption of electricity in a water purifier system, especially reverse osmosis water system, is high. Well, it is not so. The electricity consumption cost is negligible compared to any other electric equipment in your house. A power consumption of 25 watts is what you will enjoy in many a purifier of a reputed brand. In 40 hours, only 1 unit current is consumed. Using reverse osmosis water systems, consumption of electricity would be approximately 1.52 units per year!

Why AquaSure RO water purifiers use TFC rather than CTA? This is because TFC is more advantageous than CTC. Key differences between the two types are on chlorine tolerance and filtration ability and chlorine tolerance. You will come across information on TFC not being chlorine tolerant compared to CTA. This is right. And with almost all municipal water supply systems being chlorinated, many may question the ability and effectiveness of TFC. Well, AquaSure RO water purifiers come equipped with special carbon pre-filters to check chlorine during the purification process so that it doesn’t reach the membrane. Millions of users bank upon AquaSure RO water purifiers. These are certified by numerous global certification bodies for purification effectiveness, quality, and technology incorporated.

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