Minerals In Water And The Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Are you aware of the benefits and importance of essential minerals required for our body? Strengthening of the bone and teeth is facilitated by calcium while for metabolic activities, especially for food digestion, having magnesium is a must. If you do not have enough magnesium, i.e. if there is a deficiency, you will fall victim to heart disease and fast aging. Formation of hemoglobin is facilitated by iron; its deficiency causes anemia. For the development of the brain you require potassium whilst for the muscles and nerves, you need sodium. All of these essential minerals are present in natural water! It is but an irony that you cannot drink natural H2O. Use of drinking water purifiers is a must to get pure H2O free from all pollutants. Micro organisms, new age tough contaminants, chemicals, and other pollutants are present in abundance in water which gets mixed up. During the purification process involving use of a water purifier, minerals are also ridden of along with the pollutants. Well, as it is a must to use drinking water purifiers, you can get the essential minerals from fruits and vegetables.

If you have heard that the most important component in a reverse osmosis filter system is an RO membrane, you are right. All RO drinking water purifiers will have the RO membrane as the key component. These purifiers are recommended for use in areas where total dissolved solids (TDS) are high in water. If you have heard that TFC (Thin Film Composite) spiral membrane is more effective than CTA (Cellulose Triacetate (CTA) membrane in a reverse osmosis filter system, you are right. Of course both TFC and CTA have their own distinctive characteristics with a little difference. One point to be noted while buying a reverse osmosis filter system with TFC spiral is that it should have a pre carbon filter. This is because TFC is not chlorine tolerant. In fact, multiple filters should be used so that what ultimately flows from the faucet of the water purifier is 100% pure and safe H2O. TFC rejects more contaminants than CTA and the membrane is less susceptible to bacterial odor. Using this you can expect a long membrane life. CTA rejects less contaminants and it is susceptible to bacterial odor. There is one advantage of using a reverse osmosis filter system with CTA � it is chlorine tolerant. Buy a water purifier that guarantees purification effectiveness.

Spring Fresh DX reverse osmosis water purification system comes with a five stage RO purification mechanism with a storage capacity of 8 litres. The system perfectly blends with the modern kitchen; such is the aesthetic design. There are various other features which makes this reverse osmosis water purification system a must have product in areas where TDS (total dissolved solids) in water is high. Here is a list of few of the features:
�Overflow is avoided with micro switch float; it also maximizes storage capacity
�Manual flush for cleaning of cartridge and enhancing its life
�You save energy with auto shut off mechanism; the water purifier shuts itself off if not used for over 10 minutes
�Glass holding facility facilitating you to fill water in glass.

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