Bedroom Air Cleaner–5 Must Have Features In A Bedroom Air Cleaner

The bedroom is the most important place in your home for creating an atmosphere that will allow your body to rest, sleep, and rejuvenate. Clearing the air of pollutants that can interfere with sleep is an important step to take to create such an atmosphere. Here are 5 features that will help you select an air purifier that will literally clear the air and allow you to sleep well in your bedroom.

Multiple Filters-There are many different types of airborne pollutants that can interfere with resting well in your bedroom. Dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, chemical smells, smoke, pet dander, bacteria and viruses are just a few of them. Having a cleaner with multiple filters that can address different kinds of pollutants is important.

This means that one cleaner can eliminate fine particulates as well as gases and odors. This eliminates the need for multiple types of cleaners because having different kinds of filter included in the cleaner means it can clear the air effectively regardless of the type of pollutant.

HEPA Filtration-One of the filters in your unit should be a high efficiency particle arresting (abbreviated as HEPA) filter. By definition this type of filtration removes fine particulates as small as.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency. This means that for every 10,000 particles in the air, a HEPA filter will remove 99,997 of them.

Flexible Placement-There are several features that make this possible. Having heavy duty casters or wheels that roll easily across carpet, and that won’t scratch wood floors is a wonderful convenience. Being able to place the filter high or low will help you conserve floor space if necessary.

And lastly, being able to have the cleaner work effectively with only 6 inches of clearance from any surface is of huge importance. You’ll be glad you chose a unit that is flexible enough to work around your needs rather than forcing you to arrange your room around it.

Long Lasting Filter-Make sure that the cleaner you choose has a long filter life. Frequent filter changes add up to costly expense and a less than exciting use of your time. And time spent changing the filter is time that your air is not being cleaned.

Instead choose a cleaner whose filter life is at least 5 years. A filter that has a 5 year prorated filter warranty is also a cost saver because should your filter fill faster than 5 years, you would get a new filter at a greatly reduced price.

24 Hour Cleaning Capacity-Since airborne pollutants don’t take a break, your cleaner shouldn’t have to either. Allowing the unit to run constantly is the key to keeping airborne triggers low and your air quality high.

Continuous filtration will allow you to always walk into a bedroom that is refreshing, relaxing, and virtually free of airborne irritants making your bedroom the calming place it needs to be.

A cleaner with a split capacitor motor will allow safe and continuous operation. Look for this feature in the technical specifications and owner’s manual before you make your final decision.

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