Air Purifiers : Facts About Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers

The Ionic Breeze is one of the most well advertised air purifying products on the market. Although there are many different products that are offered in this line of purifiers, it pays to do your research to learn as much as you can about this product. Options include personal air purifiers, car air purifiers and home as well as professional air purifiers. Each offers unique features and a benefit that is unique to it. Yet, they all have the technology that is the Ionic Breeze.

We like to think of our homes as being a safe place all around, but the truth is, most of the air we breathe in our homes is unhealthy. There is dust and dust mites floating in the air in our homes, and all you have to do is look on your coffee table or end table to verify that fact. An ionic breeze air purifier is designed to pull the air in and send fresh clean air out, for you to breathe. There are other pollutants we breathe in all the time such as pollen, or if you have pets, pet dander. Any of these things can cause allergies which can lead to asthma and other health risks. An ionic breeze air purifier is supposed to draw these particles in by an electrostatic system.

An air purifier is made to filter the air by way of a fan in most cases. The fan draws the air in and sends it through its filtering system, then blows out clean air. An ionic breeze air purifier claims to be the quietest on the market because they have a technology that is different than most. Their filtering system is a charged plate that draws the pollutants into its electrostatic system without the use of a fan. The ionic breeze air purifier comes in different sizes to fit any size room.

Another unique feature of the Ionic Breeze Air is that it does not use traditional fans to move air through the unit, but uses what the Sharper Image calls the “Zenion Effect”, which is a totally electronic method of drawing air in and through their room air cleaners. This makes them significantly quieter than other ones that rely on noisy fans to bring the air into the filters.

If you are considering purchasing an air purifier, you will want to take into consideration the Ionic Breeze. The features of these units are ideal for those that are considering a purifier that can remove dander, pollen, debris and odor from the air. Insure that you purchase the correct model as that’s where you will get the most savings and benefit.

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