Mold Parts Forming Process Is Important Technical Equipment

Parts car and motorcycle, electric motor, electronic IT, OA office equipment, transport facilities, building materials bathroom, medical equipment and other manufacturing industry an important basic equipment. Because the mold forming products with high precision, good consistency, good appearance. Therefore, more and more used in aircraft, ships and trains and other equipment structure and interior parts manufacturing. In addition to the production process can realize the efficient, high-volume and material saving, energy saving, therefore the mold is also often known as the mother of modern industrial production.
Due to the mold in the manufacturing industry in an important role, mold design and manufacturing has become an important field of manufacturing industry, mold manufacturing industry has been pays attention of developed country in the world. Due to the mold’s own characteristics, modern mould enterprises are mostly reflected technology intensive, capital intensive and highly qualified labor intensive characteristics, mold manufacturing has become a high-tech manufacturing industry part. Mold technical level has become the measure of a country’s manufacturing industry an important indicator of the level, it also maintain the products in the international market advantage of the core competitiveness.
First, China’s mold industry is enterprise interior produced from the attached to products, mainly with the production tooling industry, it has developed into a considerable scale, high technology industry characteristics of capital-intensive, technology-intensive equipment manufacturing industry.
Second, mold production from mainly to the traditional, master fitter for leading the skilled manual production mode, into the universal use of digital information technology, design and production of modern industrial production era.
Third, China’s mold industry from a single state ownership form of enterprise, development becomes to the private enterprises, enterprises with different types of ownership form coexistence of new pattern.
Fourth. Mold industry development to manufacturing industry with strong support.
Fifth, mould product structure more hasten is reasonable, according to the product of the different materials, forming by different methods. The die is divided into ten categories, mainly have the stamping die, injection mold, die casting, die casting die, die, rubber tire mold, glass molds. China’s mold structure present in proportion: Stamping die accounted for about thirty seven per, plastic mold accounted for about fourty three per, die casting (including die-casting mould) is about ten per, die, tire mold, glass mold and other mold accounted for ten per, industrial developed country mold categories consistent proportion.
As the vehicle and electrical products such as the lightweight development, die casting die ratio will continue to rise, at the same time to will press the mold life and the complex degree will set more and more high request. Hot runner technology development, hot runner mold plastic mold in proportion to will rise stage by stage. Due to the adoption of the hot-runner technology of die can improve the productivity and quality of products, and it can greatly save raw material parts, therefore, hot runner technology in foreign development is very rapid, already very general. Plastic steel, plastic and development of wood, plastic molding will continue to increase the proportion, at the same time, because of the mechanical parts of the complexity and precision improving, plastic mold will require higher.

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