Tips For Washing Machine Buyers

Buying washing machine isn’t an easy task. If you’ve ever tried this you surely know there are multiple things to consider before you decide on exact appliance. If you are doing it for the first time you will surely need some advices!

First you should focus on capacity. That’s probably the most important case you have to take into consideration. If you usually wash a lot of clothes at one time, have small children, a big family, you will probably need a bigger one. And while being at shop, don’t trust so much the notes about the size of the drums. Look inside washing machines that you are willing to buy and compare sizes of them by yourself.

Close to a matter of capacity there is a case of how much space do you have at your bathroom. So the second thing is to look at the size of whole appliance. If you really need a big washing machine but don’t have a big bathroom you can choose the washing machine that is higher but thinner. It will take less space but its qualities would be the same as the bigger one. Those one are usually top-loading types. On the other hand you may also consider buying a front loader type washing machine – cause it gives space to put dryer or basket with dirty clothes on top of it. The choice of top or front loading washing machine depends on what type of space you have problems with.

Third thing is to remember that working of washing machine is always connected with great loss of energy and water. It is said that front loaders are more water-efficient. And what about energy? If you want to decrease the amount of energy that is used during washing you should seek for an appliance that will have a sign ‘Energy Star’. Those one might seem a little more expensive at first place than the regular one. But you have to bare in mind that you will save a lot on running costs over time. Money spent won’t be money lost, cause those washing machines are economy. Sometimes it is worth to buy appliances on higher prices and don’t worry later about the bills. Apart from the type you buy remember to switch off washing machine when it’s not washing anything. When it’s on the stand by status it will also use a little energy.

There are also some secondary matters that may not seem so important but are worth remembering. For example things like: length of wash (important for those who are always on the run), number of programs (when having different types of clothes specially the delicate ones), look of controls (newer have digital buttons and display screens).

After all the effort, time and money spent on searching the ideal washing machine you should really take care of it. When you’ve already decided which washing machine to choose you should think about the time it lives. To longer the time of living of your washing machine you should probably check if you have problems with hard water. And if the answer is yes buy also a special detergent that will remove lime scale or one of water conditioners that will help deal with that.
It is a very important matter to remember about limescale is not seldom a killer of washing machines and other home appliances as dishwashers or water heaters.

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